Essential Oils to Calm, Uplift and Balance

21 Drops is a company that harnesses the power of essential oil blends and their therapeutic healing. They have 21 unique and modern oil rollers that you can use daily to empower you to Be Your Best Self Every Day.

They recently posted a great list of essential oils that can help you change your mood, I recommend popping over to their blog as they have some really informative posts. This is a quick reference list of oils that calm, uplift and balance you mood, try one or a blend in a diffuser or massaged on your skin in a carrier oil.

Essential-oils-to-calm-uplift Feeling frustrated, anxious or nervous? Try these calming oils:

Bergamot: a great sedative for anxiety

Chamomile (German): a grounding oil that helps with tension, anxiety, restlessness,  and irritability

Chamomile (Roman): calming to the mind and emotions

Lavender: a soothing and nurturing oil that reduces anxiety and fear

Opopanax: supports meditation and inner unity


Feeling distracted, depressed or sad? Try these uplifting oils:

Rosemary: helps to clear the mind and aids in concentration

Geranium: increases imagination and intuition

Grapefruit: helps prevent and alleviate depression

Lemon: this uplifting and cleansing oil is full of happy, outward energy

Lemongrass: used during difficult emotional transitions, reduces fatigue

Orange: combats pessimism and expands energy


Feeling off-centered, gloomy or un-stable? Try these balancing oils:

Helichrysum: healing for emotional trauma and wounds

Marjoram: calms obsessive thinking and warms the heart

Patchouli: provides grounding and reduces nervous strain

Pinrose Surf Siren Scent Review

A while ago I wrote about Pinrose, a company that uses synesthesia to help you find your signature scent. I had a wonderful experience with their customer delight department and yesterday I received this lovely little gift from them including a personal note. The Pinrose brand voice both online and in person is soulful, open and happy. For example, instead of using the traditional perfumer lingo of top, middle and base notes they have named theirs smile, heart and soul. On each scent card they describe the multisensory experience and traits of the scent.

Based on my synesthetic quiz answers, they recommended the Merry Maker, Campfire Rebel or Treehouse Royal however the scent profile of Surf Siren appealed so much to me I thought I would start with that.

2014-09-18 17.19.26 synestheisa to help find scent

Surf Siren multisensory experience:

Smells Like…

SMILE — Lavender, Orange Oil

HEART — Basil, Petit Grain

SOUL — Neroli

Sounds Like…

As I write this, I am listening to the song they say the scent sounds like, This Must be the Place by the Talking Heads. Initially it seems like a strange song to frame the scent, however, while smelling it and perusing the Surf Siren Pinterest board, it seems appropriate – hopeful, unassuming and breezy. They have an entire playlist for this scent and it definitely feel bouncy and happy and relaxed like a beach holiday.

Sips  Like…

This scent “sips like” a French 75. The drink is a classic, slightly sweet, citrus champagne cocktail with floral and herbal notes coming from the gin; another very appropriate cross-sensory reference.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed wearing this scent, the only complaint I had is that it was too subtle at the end of the day. Until tomorrow where I will sample one of the scents they recommended for me.


Tableware that becomes an extension of our senses?

I thought I would share this article about a South Korean designer who has harnessed the phenomenon of Synesthesia to enhance dining pleasure. Her unique tableware designs changed the way people experienced food, with less focus on etiquette and focus on the physical and sensual experience of the food. The added texture, weight and balance of these utensils make for a unexpected and fun experience. The way “people eat changed dramatically, from being “proper”, adhering to conventional table manners, to being more childlike as they clearly have fun, emitting more sounds and laughing more often.

Her “Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli” has been nominated for product awards and she is already working on her next project regarding enhancing the dining experience using sound!

Watch the full video here: Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli from Jinhyun Jeon on Vimeo.

Synesthesia cutlery

You can read more articles about her inventions and where she is headed next here: Tasting the RainbowTableware as Sensorial Stimuli.

Sensory Gardens

Gardnening is truly a multi-sensory experience.

mutli-sensory garden for a full life expereince Walking around the Desert Botanical Gardens I came across their Sensory Garden. The sign at the entry let me know that I was now entering a garden where you should stop and smell, touch and experience all the plants. Up until then I was an observer from a safe distance (many of the plants are cacti and although beautiful to look at, pretty painful if experienced close-up). But in this area, it is encouraged to fully engage with the plants and almost guaranteed that you will discover something new.

I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by acres of beautiful gardens and spent my mornings picking fragrant flowers and tending to my very own vegetable garden. I have very specific memories of my childhood and they revolve around how the gardens smelled, tasted and felt.

One of the reasons why I started this blog was to help people open their eyes to the beauty and wonder that surround us every day. I believe that my childhood experiences helped me hone my ability to see the beauty of the everyday, and one way to instill this in your children is to help them experience life through all their senses and get them to put down their ipads. Creating a sensory ‘scratch and sniff” garden would be a great way to get their other senses invloved and create wonder and discovery in their lives.

Here is a great list of  plants to create your very own ‘Scratch n sniff’ garden:

Furry, soft and silky plants

Bumpy, tickly, and prickly plants

Smooth, spongy and playful plants

Scented herbs and edible plants

More suggestions here. How To Create ‘Scratch N Sniff’ Sensory Gardens For Kids

Fireworks: A Full Sensory Experience

We all have memories tied to the 4th of July, and most of those memories include fireworks of some kind. In the early eighties, we moved to the United States and so began my happy memories of colorful and magical skies, loud bursts you can feel in your chest and the smell of black powder hanging in the night air.

Why do we love fireworks?

It thrills ALL the senses.

It is a curious anomaly that the pops and bangs of fireworks, so reminiscent of gunfire and turmoil, are part of the pull of the response to a fireworks display.  Although we wince, cringe, cry out at the detonations, they are essential to the experience, adding an edge of adrenalin to the spectacle.

Fireworks are a controlled danger.

As for the psychologists, they say that watching fireworks, a potentially risky behavior, releases the chemical dopamine in the brain. That’s the same pesky neurotransmitter that takes over and makes us go loopy when we fall in love. Its a feel good phenomena, and also links to our happy childhood memory of similar sensations. Fireworks: A Fiery Fascination.

Of course my dogs would say that their memories of fireworks can be summed up into two words; pure terror. I am sure if I didn’t know what was going on either, it would be a shock to all my senses.

How do Fireworks Work?

Fireworks: A Full Sensory Experience -How Fireworks Work

How Fireworks Work

The Future of Fireworks

Although a fireworks experience is already a multi-sensory experience, the sense of smell and taste are not as stimulated as those of sight, sound and touch. The world’s first multi-sensory fireworks display was in London in 2013, crowds were treated to clouds of apple, cherry and strawberry mist, peach snow, plus thousands of big bubbles filled with Seville orange-flavoured smoke and 40,000 grams of edible banana confetti.
Get a behind the scenes look at how Bombas & Parr created this magical event, here.

One of the lovely things about Fourth of July fireworks is that they take us back in time, to the days that communities would get together in town squares and spend the day and night socializing and watching the sparkling event. So the future could really be, keeping it just like it was.

Me, I am excited to go down to my local store and pick up a few boxes of sparklers and share them with my family tomorrow. As each rod bursts into mesmerizing, dripping sparkles, I will be transported away from the ordinary and come back just in time to watch the big show.

To keep the memories of this special night going all month long, click here to get your free July sparkler desktop calendar.

yellow sparkler