Pinrose Surf Siren Scent Review

A while ago I wrote about Pinrose, a company that uses synesthesia to help you find your signature scent. I had a wonderful experience with their customer delight department and yesterday I received this lovely little gift from them including a personal note. The Pinrose brand voice both online and in person is soulful, open and happy. For example, instead of using the traditional perfumer lingo of top, middle and base notes they have named theirs smile, heart and soul. On each scent card they describe the multisensory experience and traits of the scent.

Based on my synesthetic quiz answers, they recommended the Merry Maker, Campfire Rebel or Treehouse Royal however the scent profile of Surf Siren appealed so much to me I thought I would start with that.

2014-09-18 17.19.26 synestheisa to help find scent

Surf Siren multisensory experience:

Smells Like…

SMILE — Lavender, Orange Oil

HEART — Basil, Petit Grain

SOUL — Neroli

Sounds Like…

As I write this, I am listening to the song they say the scent sounds like, This Must be the Place by the Talking Heads. Initially it seems like a strange song to frame the scent, however, while smelling it and perusing the Surf Siren Pinterest board, it seems appropriate – hopeful, unassuming and breezy. They have an entire playlist for this scent and it definitely feel bouncy and happy and relaxed like a beach holiday.

Sips  Like…

This scent “sips like” a French 75. The drink is a classic, slightly sweet, citrus champagne cocktail with floral and herbal notes coming from the gin; another very appropriate cross-sensory reference.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed wearing this scent, the only complaint I had is that it was too subtle at the end of the day. Until tomorrow where I will sample one of the scents they recommended for me.


Tableware that becomes an extension of our senses?

I thought I would share this article about a South Korean designer who has harnessed the phenomenon of Synesthesia to enhance dining pleasure. Her unique tableware designs changed the way people experienced food, with less focus on etiquette and focus on the physical and sensual experience of the food. The added texture, weight and balance of these utensils make for a unexpected and fun experience. The way “people eat changed dramatically, from being “proper”, adhering to conventional table manners, to being more childlike as they clearly have fun, emitting more sounds and laughing more often.

Her “Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli” has been nominated for product awards and she is already working on her next project regarding enhancing the dining experience using sound!

Watch the full video here: Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli from Jinhyun Jeon on Vimeo.

Synesthesia cutlery

You can read more articles about her inventions and where she is headed next here: Tasting the RainbowTableware as Sensorial Stimuli.

The oPhone: Scent-Based Mobile Messaging

One of my favorite Google April Fool’s jokes was Google Nose, they clearly spent quite a lot of time and thought on this as you can see in the introductory video below.

In our fast paced world that we  don’t have time to stop and smell the roses, well with Google Nose Beta the roses are just a click away.

Well, two years ago that was a joke, and today there is actually a product that helps you capture the scent you are smelling and send it to anyone in the world for them to experience as well.

The oPhone 

What is the oPhone?

The oPhone is a revolutionary device that, in combination with our free iPhone app “oSnap”, allows you to send and receive electronic aroma messages. Think of it as a kind of telephone for aromas. With the oPhone, you can now bring complex scent texting into your mobile messaging life, and share sensory experience with anyone, anywhere.

They did a great job explaining and showing us how it works in this video, wonderful visuals, content, and overall production.

The first oNote that was scent (get it?), was appropriately, that of Champagne.

Champagne is a sparkling wine produced from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France. Since we’re based in Paris, we thought this would be a great first oNote to share with you. Click on the image below to have a first visual experience of your oNote. Here’s a tip: if you pause the oNote while it’s playing, you’ll be able to see the names and descriptions of the aromas that were tagged.


You can create your own oNotes and send them to your friends using our iPhone app oSnap, available in the Apple App Store.

My vision for the future of this technology is that it becomes an add on when purchasing a computer, tablet or phone. Websites can automatically have a scent that the user can choose to smell or not. How wonderful would it be to be able to smell the spa you are booking online, or the cupcakes you are researching? Brands can also use scent to trigger purchases or persuade users to stay on their sites longer, like they currently do in the real world. You heard this idea here first, people! The possibilities are endless.

I am visiting Paris in the fall and will be visiting one of their HotSpots to experience this unique form of communication. Hopefully I will post an update here and tell you if it is all they say it is.

You can preorder your very own oPhone here.


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