Stimulating appetites using the senses of sound and sight

We eat with our eyes first and sometimes we can taste with only your mind.

The original article from Getty Image here, shows how food itself is sensory and social. Immersive imagery conjures the same sensations we feel as we experience a meal firsthand.

In the videos below, note your reaction to each scene, not only is your mind stimulating your sense of taste via your sense of sight, but it is working together with your sense of touch showing the rich textures of the food and how they might feel in your mouth. My mouth watered, hope yours does too. I find it quite amazing that our individual senses can be stimulated using the other senses. You can “feel” what things are like without experiencing them.


Below, coffee brand Carte Noire taps the ambitious home chef (along with the avid eater) with a “try this at home” ad that takes viewers through the delicious, delicate process of making cream puffs. This piece also uses extreme close-ups, time-lapse, and unexpected points-of-view to showcase the science of baking. But sound is the biggest star, fooling our senses into thinking we can touch and taste the airy cream puffs since we hear the crack of the egg and the sizzle of the butter. Read more here.

ROSE by Carte Noire from ))) datafone on Vimeo.

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